Avatar Game

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The return of the movie Avatar has made the whole world shake and discuss. Based on that, Avatar Game was born, serving everyone to satisfy their love of the characters in the movie. Build the setting and characters that make you incarnate in the real movie.

You control your avatar in the running adventure game in Avatar. Overcome dangerous obstacles and find the legendary Na'vi and Pandora. This online game belongs to the running and adventure genre. It aims to give gamers thrilling journeys like Jake Sully's real discoveries in the land of Na'vi.

Gain your target

Your goal is to guide your character through dangerous elements such as spikes and barriers. Run to the finish line fast to complete the level in time. With robots, you can run up hills and can fly over barriers with spaceships. However, the character's mobility will vary slightly depending on the level.


Don't forget that the better the game, the more challenging it is. Don't let yourself get caught in the dangerous traps of the Avatar Game. The spikes, blocks, and walls will be one of the dangerous factors that can make you stop the game at any time. Besides, if you want to try another game, you can play Cuphead.

How to control

  • For Robot Character, left-click to jump.
  • For the Ship Character, click and hold the left mouse button to fly up and release the mouse button to fly down.

The attractive game should not be missed. Avatar Game is a game that meets all the factors to be able to become a hot game and it is having potential as well as being known to more and more people. What are you waiting for, experience this game right away and enjoy the impressive moments the game has prepared for you!