Bacon May Die

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Your Main Character

Your main character is Bacon, a small pig with a huge dream. Come to this online game to simply help him murder other pigs and other animals. Inflict as much harm as you can on his enemies in Bacon May Die.


Win intense battles in Bacon May Die

Your Bacon may eventually perish since there are too many creatures coming at him. However, never give up and defeat super monsters and bosses to get more money and points!

Note that you may have the opportunity to purchase new outfits, weapons, and even firearms with bullets and projectiles with the money you have earned.

How to control: Utilize the arrow keys.

Use your skills and weapons to kill enemies

Make sure you won't allow them to get close to Bacon too easily and use the supplied wooden stick to kill them while also moving and striking with the arrow keys! In particular, if you mix the arrow keys, you will receive varied combat and fighting moves.

In addition, pay attention to the details and attempt to resist for as long as you can without wasting too much time so that you may unlock new weapons and outfits.

Make sure you don't squander Bacon's energy.