Bad Bodyguards

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A description of the game Bad Bodyguards

In the fun game Bad Bodyguards, you can hire many different bodyguards to protect you from zombies and help you survive. The job is very simple, just choose the bodyguard that matches the amount of money you have.

How long can you survive in the frenzy of zombies?

Up to three bodyguards will be chosen to protect you from zombies in this game. The amount of money to hire a bodyguard more or less will affect the amount of money you receive. Bodyguards who hire less money receive less money. So try to collect a lot of money to quickly have more money to hire more expensive bodyguards. You only have three lives, when a zombie bites you, you have lost one life. The game will stop if you lose three lives in one turn, and the game will go back to the beginning and you will be again with a new journey to zero, which means hiring a bodyguard is back. from the beginning.