Basketball Challenge

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Challenge your pitch in Basketball Challenge

Basketball is the most popular sport in America. Show your ability to throw the ball into the basket in the game Basketball Challenge if you are really good at basketball.

Each challenge will challenge you to train your pitching ability. In each challenge, you will give many challenges such as continuously throwing the number of balls that the test requires, or throwing a ball in a basket that cannot stand still. If your level is at its peak, then surely throwing the ball many times in the basketball basket can't stand still in one position will not be able to make it difficult for you. Many challenges are waiting for you to overcome, you can not know the limit of challenges in this game. Discover how the number of these challenges can be daunting

If you can't play basketball in real life then surely this fantasy game is definitely for you. Basketball cannot be played because it is raining, cold, snowy or people who are practicing their observation ability to throw the ball are very suitable to play this game. Show your abilities with utmost precision and don't miss a single shot.

How to play

Hold and drag the mouse to bring the ball to the position you want.