Blumgi Castle

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In Blumgi Castle, you will need to launch a variety of explosives and weapons with the proper power and direction to defeat your opponents. There are many characters for you to choose and each character has its characteristics, but the common goal is to destroy the opponent to be able to win. It's basic information. Now, let's start with more details about blumgi castle full screen and how to play the game.

Blumgi Castle Full Screen

Blumgi Castle allows all players to play in full-screen mode with some primary information below.

Shoot down your adversary's Blumgi Castle

Join this game and you will directly compete with different opponents. Opponents can change, and so can your character, but your goal in this game does not. You will receive weapons when joining the game and always aim to shoot down all enemies before they attack you. If you are a fan of this survival game genre, you probably also know Narrow One where you will use bows and arrows to fight enemies.

All Game modes

Your avatars are randomly given when you pick between 1P and 2P from the main menu, but you can be sure that both of them will be some extremely adorable animals as we've come to expect from this series! Now let's find out the difference between 1P and 2P mode!

In both of these game modes basically, the player's task does not change. You still need to use all your abilities to eliminate the opponent. However, if in 1P mode, you will play against the computer, in 2P mode you can invite friends to experience the game. In particular, this mode will not be limited to bullets like in 1P. You and your opponent can shoot as many times as you want until one of the two is eliminated. Wish you have moments of entertainment!

How to play the game

Blumgi Castle has 2 game modes. Therefore, you need to master buttons to control both 2 players.

  • Player 1: E and R to move the target left or right while aiming, then A to fire.
  • Player 2: Use the arrows to the right and left to move the target, and the spacebar to shoot.