Body Drop 3D

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Have you ever joined Body Drop 3D? Let's come to our website to know what is a body drop and learn more suggestions for you!

What Is A Body Drop

Body Drop 3D is an action game where you may use heavy balls to strike and demolish a dummy doll. The game will leave you mesmerized by its surreal realism.

In addition, the game allows you to use amazing physics to throw heavy balls at the helpless figure, then use your power and quickness to break them. Every time you strike them, the character's lifelike behavior will make your pulse beat faster. Test your aim while enjoying the amazing visuals.

Play Body Drop 3D With 10 Stages

The game consists of 10 stages, each with a different type of platform from which you must force the test subject's body to fall to the ground and break as many of its bones and organs as you can. The more you strike and destroy the subject, the more points you receive in return. These points will be used to open up new levels.

Basic Control Guides

Use the mouse to aim and shoot a finite amount of balls at the body to kick and drop it. Try to determine the optimum locations to strike it in order to succeed. Naturally, you may retry the level if you run out of points because they carry over from one attempt to the next. In addition, while using these walkthroughs, you need to pay attention to some suggestions for you below.

Some Suggestions For You

Body Drop 3D provides you with only 3 balls to throw at the object each time you play. Try to use them effectively to achieve the goal. If you can't get a high score the first time you join the Body Drop 3D challenge, that's okay, you can do your mission over and over again as long as you can beat the challenge and earn enough points to unlock the next stages.

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