Bridge Race 3D

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Build the bridge with 3D people in Bridge Race 3D. Collect tiles of the right color with your people. Stack them to become a bridge and go to higher levels.

Overview of the game Bridge Race 3D

A game of rivalry with other blue opponents. You are purple and your job is to collect tiles of the same color as yours to stack them into a bridge or ladder for you to advance to the next level. Make it as fast as you can and get up before your opponent can catch up to you. In the process of collecting, the tiles taken away will be restored and re-issued for you, so there is no need to worry. Your opponent will play dirty by turning your stack of tiles to their color so play dirty again if possible.

How to control the character

At the beginning of the game, you and your opponent are using buoys in the water, start quickly building bridges before the opponent goes ahead of you. To move and collect, use the mouse to move in an infinity shape. Don't go too far from the screen because you can't go back. What are you waiting for, don't play right away.