Carrom Clash

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Confrontation in Carrom Clash

Face off against each other at the table in Carrom Clash. Use your Striker to shoot the opponent's Stones into the hole. Get the score before your opponent to win.

The game makes you imagine that you are playing real billiards but it will be different, without a stick, you can still put the opponent's stone into the hole. Simply move your striker into an allowed position and shoot it as strong or weak as you choose and try to get your opponent's stone into the hole first and win. Score points and win a lot of gold to get bonuses to buy strike and stone.

Three modes in the game Carrom Clash

Disc Pool: basic mode. Randomly select you or your opponent to start the game. Use your striker to shoot the opponent's stone into the hole. If the opponent's stone falls into the hole, you will continue to shoot until the opponent's stone stops falling, it is your opponent's turn. And so does the opponent. Whoever brings the opponent's stone to the hole first is the winner.

Carrom: the mode is not different from Disc Pool, but there is one main difference is that there is 1 red stone, when you score most of the opponent's stone, you must shoot this red stone before the game to win, no it it will be the opponent's turn.

Freestyle: There are 3 types of stones worth a certain number of points. The black stone costs 10, the white stone costs 20 and the red stone costs 50. Whoever reaches the target number first wins.