Crazy Courier

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Delivery of goods in Crazy Courier.

An arcade game that delivers goods to different parts of the city in Crazy Courier. You will act as the delivery person to each address. Avoid traffic and move the goods to the location where they need to be delivered to the customer.

Send goods to customers safely and cross the road without accidents. Watch out for cars that don't control traffic lights and speedboats that pass suddenly. You must know how to protect yourself from those dangers. Get money from customers and upgrade yourself to move faster when you have enough money, and unlock new locations to send more items like coffee, bread,...

If you do not know the address to be delivered, look at the map at the bottom of the screen on the right, you are the blue dot and the location to be delivered is indicated by an inverted teardrop.

Goods delivery job

Do you think shipping is an easy job? So join this game to know if this industry is as easy as you think. It is difficult to deliver goods to each address, but you do not have the means to collect many goods to deliver goods to customers faster, but you can only hand-carry one goods to each customer's home address. And once done, you have to go back to the warehouse to continue the journey to deliver items to customers.