Crazy Sheep Hooper

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Overcoming the difficult challenge of entering the cage in Crazy Sheep Hooper

Help the sheep get to his barn in Crazy Sheep Hooper. Contrary to other normal games, this game, help the sheep uses a lever of gun to move back to the barn.

The interface of the game is the image of a sheep standing on grass platforms suspended in the air and so is the sheep's barn. It does not lie on the ground like many other games and also hovers on the screen. The image of a sheep holding a gun instead of the normal movements is to move left and right, jump up to move to another grass platform. Because the gun is the only means to help the sheep move back to his nest. Use a lever of gun, creating momentum for the sheep to fly up and down to the higher grass platform. You also don't have to worry if you accidentally fall off the grass platform. At the same time move away from obstacles when leveling up.

The game has 30 levels for you to try your hand at and help the sheep return to its stable. Can you pass all 30 levels in one play? The game needs a lot of your patience so make a reasonable flight strategy with the gun. Choose the distance to shoot at grass platforms to get to other grass platforms without falling down.

How to move the sheep

Click on grass platforms to shoot and move sheep