Cricket Hero

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Let's hit baseball together in Cricket Hero

Become the best baseball hitter in the world in Cricket Hero. Hit the baseballs, avoid the egg that interferes with your hit and the bomb explode.

You are a baseball player and your task is to hit the baseballs that are thrown at you. Every goal needs to be grasped and taken advantage of every opportunity to hit the baseball. However, do not simply hit the empty baseballs, you will come across eggs or bombs, take precautions and do not hit them. With eggs, hitting them will hinder you from hitting the baseball later, leaving you disoriented and focused at the right time to hit the ball. With bombs, if you hit it, it will destroy you and lose a life.

You only have three lives for this fight. If you miss the baseballs, you will end the game. Let's keep our baseball player happy because if you use up all three lives, you won't know how much rage he can get.

Tip for hitting baseball without slipping

A tip so you can hit the baseball without missing. Place the mouse in the center of the circle that is in front of the hitter. When the baseball moves to the center of the inner ring, click your mouse. There are two rotation positions to hit the ball, preferring the center of the star-shaped circle to collect it.