Crossy Road

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At Crossy Road, cross the street with a chicken. Cross the road, avoid obstacles along the way, collect gold coins to unlock new characters. In this game, develop your crossing skills.

Vehicles to avoid when crossing the road

Support the chicken when it is not sure how to cross the crowded street, river and deadly train. You will constantly move the chicken forward.

Cross the busy road if you don't want traffic to hit you. Cross the river thanks to the logs drifting on the river and the land that rises above the water's eyes. Move carefully because you will drown right after falling into the river.

In addition, cross the road quickly if you don't want to be hit by a speedboat, you will no longer have your whole body. Do not think moving slowly will help you not to die because the wall behind is getting closer and closer, the eagle will steal you if you stay still.

Unlock the mysterious character

Collect lots of gold coins along this never-ending road. Unlock five random and mysterious characters. Four characters such as robot, cat, bird and snail are very ordinary. Let's focus on the last character in this game. Make a lot of money to be able to unlock it.