Cuphead Runner

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A description of Cuphead Runner game

Cuphead Runner is 2D running game based on challenging run and shoot game. Move up and down, avoid thorny balls and shoot poisonous mushrooms that are in your way. In this online game you will embark on a running adventure and try to score as many points as possible by eating gold coins.

Gameplay of Cuphead Runner

To win, move up and down, collect coins and keep running forward. The race has no end and only goes forward. Use the up and down arrow keys to move Cuphead away from the obstacles in your way. Stay away from thorny balls and mushrooms, which can kill you and end the game if accidentally touched. You will see an image aiming for an object, click on it to shoot mushrooms. The journey is getting faster and the obstacles are also more, make the most of it so you don't lose too much time moving.