Dig Dig Dig

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Explore underground mines in Dig Dig Dig. Dig deep underground, collect gold coins, avoid the rocks that fall on you and use explosives sensibly.

Way to play the game Dig Dig Dig

You will become the richest earth digger in the world. With the land rich in gold coins below and waiting for you to explore and collect. Your job is to collect gold coins. In the process of digging the ground, you will encounter rocks that hinder you, you think it is not dangerous to you. So you are wrong, when you create conditions for the rock to move downwards, unfortunately you cannot get out and the rock itself will create a grave for you.

Dig properly and don't let rocks get in your way. In addition, you also encounter explosives, activating it will help you not have to dig the ground many times, but it will make your gold coins disappear along, so use it wisely if you are surrounded by rocks. Become the richest digger in the world with your proper digging tactics.

Note the controls of the game Dig Dig Dig

You just dig the soil to both sides according to the left and right arrow keys. There is no move up so dig properly to collect the most gold coins. Dig unlimited land and collect gold coins now!