Draw Two Save: Save The Man

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Draw a line to save the stickman in Draw Two Save: Save The Man

Help the stickman not to die in Draw Two Save: Save The Man. Draw a line that keeps this man from getting into an awkward position. Pass many levels to

Your simple job is to draw a line so that the man is about to fall from the air without touching any objects that can harm him. Such as sharp thorns, a mouth full of sharp teeth of a shark, etc. You can draw as you like, showing your drawing skills, but remember, only one line can be drawn, when you I can't draw anymore. So enjoy your abilities but do not forget to save the new man is important.

After each win, you will randomly receive your reward after you click on the number of diamonds you receive. Use this diamond for hint purposes. Accumulating diamonds is not in vain, collecting more will benefit you on more difficult levels. Choice of 30 diamonds is the best number.

You will not be able to know the end game of this game. Play until you can play and use all the diamonds to use hints for difficult levels. At first you will think this game is too easy, but is it really too easy, you have to play through many levels to know.

How to control

Draw a line with your left mouse button.