Drift F1

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You will be surprised by the thrill of Drift F1 in which you control your car to overcome platforms. There are many levels for you to challenge yourself.

About Drift F1

Definition Of Drift F1

This game is a driving game. You have to direct your car on different platforms. In addition, this drifting game also belongs to the running genre because you have to reach the destination to finish a level. You can play it online on our website. If you want to try other games, our website will be available. Especially, Cuphead will be a great choice for you.

How Many Levels Are There

Now, no one can explore the last level of this Drift F1 game. It is an unanswered question because no one has yet been able to discover the limits of this driving game. Can you be the first to achieve this? Get started and show off your driving skills!

Playing Guides for All Players

Run and reach the finish line to complete a level. You have to move on platforms with different sizes. Be careful! Besides, remember to collect coins to gain more points.

How to control: Click your left mouse button to change the car's direction and release it to come back.