Drive Mad

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About Drive Mad

Are you ready to conquer all the challenging races in Drive Mad? This game doesn't force you to compete with any opponent, but it will test your driving ability. Start the game and show your skills yourself!

Drive Mad's game rules

In the gripping 3D driving game Drive Mad, players must negotiate a course littered with difficult obstacles. Drive Mad's objective is reaching the finish line. Players control a truck at great speed on an unpredictable track, dodging obstacles and trying to prevent the truck from tipping over.

Your control abilities will be put to the test by the amazing feats and creative obstacles in this game. If players want to finish the race uninjured, they must keep a steady pace and keep balance in the race. Maybe with the first rounds, the challenge is not too difficult, you can easily achieve the goal. But as time passes, you must proceed with caution since it will soon turn your car upside down. Your automobile might be damaged during the flip and become undrivable.

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How to play

Drive Mad has rather simple game controls, but you have to pay great attention to the path if you don't want the truck to flip over. Watch out!

  • To advance the truck, use the W, D, X, Up arrow, Right arrow, or Mouse click keys.
  • To turn the opposite way, press the Down or Left arrows, S, A, or Z.
  • Always keep in mind that your automobile will break after it has been flipped and you are no longer able to drive it.