Farm Factory

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Farm Factory time management game!

Farm Factory time management game is highly anticipated. You have a farm and to scale your scale as much as possible in 5 minutes. This game exercises your management ability.

Starting the game is a farm image with three areas: egg farm, dairy farm and wool farm. Starting with the egg farm area with two chickens. In the meantime, your task is to wait for the egg farm to produce eggs to sell. When you sell some eggs, you can buy more chickens or level up the farm to increase the supply speed faster. The more chickens, the faster the egg creation will be, until you level up and get a certain amount of money, you can buy cows to generate money and that quickly you open a wool farm. Don't forget to level up the feeder for the trucks to transport faster and you will also earn money faster to be able to scale up another. Using money to buy more chickens, cows, and sheep will help the farm supply eggs, milk, and wool faster.

Challenge management in 5 minutes

Can you explore all three farms within 5 minutes? It all depends on your management ability. When 5 minutes is over, the game will also stop and announce the number of points you have won. Share it on social media sites to show everyone how high you've earned.