Fight And Flight

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Characteristics of the game Fight And Flight

Join Fight And Flight game to prove your motorbike driving ability. Drive a futuristic motorbike while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. Compete and collect the most coins to be named in the list of people with the highest score.

In this game, you and your futuristic motorcycle are on a journey that goes forward and never ends. The race only stops when you have no more lives to keep going. Stay away from spiked balls and electric shocks. That makes you lose your life. You will be granted three lives when you start playing, your life is represented by a heart. Collect gold coins and eat hearts to renew lives. The game will increase in speed, so you need to take quick steps, minimizing hitting obstacles. The game is over if you run out of three lives.

How to controls

  • Press Z to dodge
  • Press X to attack
  • Up Arrow to move up
  • Down Arrow to move down