Fill The Truck

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General about the game Fill The Truck

In the puzzle game Fill The Truck, a game that doesn't focus on driving trucks across the country for deliveries; rather, the main job is to fill the right truck with the same color with the solution.

The trucks can be refueled for the upcoming mission!

Liquids of the same color as the truck must be poured into each truck to be filled. The liquid is held in place by dowels, so you must use the mouse to click and drag the handles to release the liquid. If the liquid falls into the correct tank of the truck, you're done.

You have to fill each truck with liquid of the same color before you can complete the mission. To do this, you must use the mouse to touch the pins holding the liquids to release them from the container. You will be restarted from the beginning if the two liquids are mixed together or the color of the liquid is not the same color as the truck. Equally important part of this game is how to pull the pegs in order. If you move the pegs incorrectly so that the liquid doesn't get into the correct truck of the same color as it, you'll also have to start over. So take your steps very carefully.