Find The Differences

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Train your eyes with Find The Differences

Sharp eyes find the difference in Find The Differences. As the game name itself, your job is to collect 7 differences between two pictures in the fastest time possible.

This game trains you to observe as well as analyze small details. You will be presented with two images that in general look similar, but if you look closely, they are not necessarily the same. And your task is to find 7 positions that you are sure are the most different between the two pictures.

Notes in the game Find The Differences

However, the game will not stop simply finding the difference. You will be pinched for a certain time. If the time runs out and you still can't find all 7 differences, the game is over. While the time is shortening, try to collect enough when they have 3 stars, the longer you search, the less stars you collect. Note that, you can't randomly choose positions because the more you do, the more time you will subtract and the faster the time will be shortened.

The game has a total of 825 levels and the difficulty will increase. The details of the images will become smaller and smaller. You need to stay focused to spot them before time runs out. Are you the most discerning point of difference?