Flappy Bird

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In Flappy Bird, you control a bird that travels through green pipes. Move forward without touching the water pipe. Set a record of how many points you can earn.

How to move Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird in this arcade style game to control the flying bird needs to constantly move to the right. The bird will fall to the ground right away if you don't click to keep it up in the air. To make the bird fly higher, click your Mouse more and faster. To make it fly low, click the Mouse slower. Earn a point by going through the water pipe without touching it. The game ends immediately and you have to restart if you accidentally hit a pipe.

Flappy Bird's contagious charm

No one has yet been able to surpass this game's current score record of 999 points. I hope you exceed your own expectations with patience. Set a record for yourself that even you can't believe.

In 2014, the game drove everyone crazy. Many people were attracted because of its popularity and entertainment. Especially for American children. Parents also expressed concerns about the game, claiming that their children could not concentrate on their studies due to the attractiveness of the game.