Flappy Sonic

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Flappy Sonic, a game that combines famous cartoon characters and the famous game called Flappy Bird. Help Sonic go through the pipes and earn the highest score.

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In Flappy Sonic, the hero Sonic chooses to try his luck in flying in addition to his fast running. Sonic's attempt could end badly if you don't support him. To adjust the altitude in each flight, you need to click on him. Without it, he wouldn't be able to fly between pipes protruding from both below and above. There is only a small gap between the pipes that you have to slide through. Avoid hitting the pipe because just ignore, or accidentally touch the pipe, the game will be over. Be agile in Flappy Sonic to prevent Sonic from colliding with the pipes. The number of times you go through the pipe is your total score. Play and get the highest score you can get.