FNF Indie Cross

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FNF Indie Cross coverage

With FNF Indie Cross for Friday Night Funkin', a great and epic crossover mod that includes three weeks complete with three classic songs everyone knows. Go head-to-head with Cuphead characters to gain an advantage.

You will face three opponents in a new challenge in this Friday Night Funkin Mod: Cuphead, Sans & Bendy Mod. You will be on a mission to win your girlfriend's heart. By defeating your opponent in a rap battle, you can convince your girlfriend's dad.

Charactors of FNF Indie Cross

The game's protagonist, Cuphead, will be Boyfriend's first enemy. With a classic setting, he'll challenge you to a musical duel over the song Snake Eyes. You can also see Cuphead's Floral Fury level.

Boyfriend will compete against Sans in the song Sansational in the second match. Timeless of the first segment in a rhythmic style, the scene changes to a black and white style. A new mechanic will make you focus even more. Don't tap the fake bone notes that will appear on the screen, take note!

Popular Bendy, known for the video game and song of the same name Bendy And The Ink Machine, will be Boyfriend's third and final rival! On The Last Reel, you have to face Beast Bendy here. The biggest difficulty of this week will be the intense beats. You need to stay focused as Bendy will do his best to divert your attention!