Football Pixel

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Two-player soccer in Football Pixel

A classic two-player style football match in Football Pixel. Scoring a total of 5 games is the winner. Play with your friends to create a more fun and exciting atmosphere for the game.

The game is like a re-enactment of a real soccer field with only two players. With two nets on either side, whoever scores the most goals in five games is the winner. The game is very suitable to play with your friends. In addition to trying to score into the opponent's net, you should also find ways to protect your own goal. Sometimes the ball accidentally causes the opponent to gain points.

Tip to make the game easier

A tip for you to score more goals is when two characters in the game are rotating, let your character turn towards the ball, hold down the mouse button to move the character to the ball, the ball will move and every time it moves, you follow it and drag it to the opponent's goal as possible. Be on your guard because the opponent can do the same for you, when the opponent is trying to kick the ball back to your goal, go back to your place and defend your goal before the opponent can kick the ball. into the net.