Grab Pack Playtime

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Get props with the main character in Grab Pack Playtime. Use two extremely long arms to collect various items in this monster-filled toy factory. Collect skillfully to stay undetected.

Game idea Grab Pack Playtime

The game is inspired by the wildly popular Poppy Playtime horror game. Huggy Wuggy's trends and influence are not small. Along with that, the context of this game is also taken from the movie Poppy Playtime itself. In the abandoned toy factory, old, dark and full of monsters. Yet you have the task of getting the items and avoiding the detection of these creepy Huggy Wuggy.

Help our hero retrieve items with his extendable arm. Slide your hands into places where Huggy Wuggy can't detect you're doing something shady in front of him. Avoid obstacles like cogs as it also makes you detected. You will not know the consequences of awakening the monster Huggy Wuggy.

The game has 30 levels. Each level requires you to think quickly in getting objects. Once the job is done, a photo captures your glorious victory. Complete 30 levels from the first play.

How to control characters in Grab Pack Playtime

Use the mouse, click and hold the mouse to drag the hand to where it needs to go.