Grow Your Guarden

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The Story of Grow Your Garden

Protect old trees in Grow Your Garden. Plant a botanical garden around to protect the ancient trees from the onslaught of evil creatures for as long as possible.

An old tree in your garden is experiencing an emergency from the threat of evil creatures. And you, who manage, arrange and operate the plants to protect the old trees. Have the right strategies to make it difficult for evil creatures to attack the old tree.

Features of the game Grow Your Garden

There are 3 modes that you can freely express: easy, medium and hard mode. The mode is the level of increasing difficulty, demonic creatures are also more and faster than the lower level.

There are 6 plants that need to be unlocked. And to unlock these characters, you only have to fight and overcome the waves of countless evil creatures. There will be a wave of demonic creatures after a little time, use this to reinforce the creatures surrounding the ancient tree. Defend well if you don't want the game to end early. And in each defeat of evil creatures, you will get more money and use them to level plants to protect ancient trees.