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Join the journey with Growmi, the tiny worm that can stretch his body to explore new lands to help him grow longer. A world filled with puzzles that follow one after another. How long can you help Growmi grow?

Growmi is formed by a square shape, at the beginning of the game, Growmi is only as long as a square, and later on, when solving puzzles in the game and Growmi will grow longer and longer. Your task is to support Growmi from small size and grow bigger.

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys to move Growmi

Specifically about the game Growmi

Pay attention to the top right hand side, which is the amount you get to stretch yourself. At the beginning of the game you will have 3 levels to stretch yourself, each time you stretch, 1 yellow square will disappear and until you run out, it will no longer show any squares. To increase the size of yourself, you have to go through each puzzle. Right from the first puzzle, you must collect stars while avoiding obstacles or arrange wooden crates together so that you reach the star within your size capacity. And every time you solve, you increase yourself by 1 square equivalent to increasing your length. The puzzles are linked together and the gameplay is endless. Try playing to see how long you can stretch.