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You can play HangARoo for free on our website. So, What does Hangaroo mean? Since the game's title is a pun created by combining Hangman with Kangaroo we sincerely wish you luck in this game. Now, let’s learn the rule of HangARoo and play.

HangARoo free

HangARoo free now on the browser, you don’t need to download it to play this game. In this game, you have to guess the required words of the game while the Kangaroo is hanged. Each time you answer incorrectly the rope will be tightened. Because Kangaroo is a virtual character instead of the traditional stickman you are used to seeing in these games, no real animals were ever hurt.

The rule of HangARoo

You will have a phrase or name that has to be completed in front of you; you will need to fill in the blanks with letters from many categories, such as the title of a song and the artist who created it, a television program, or others.

When you click on the letters of the alphabet if they are accurate, they are added to all of the brackets they are now in; if not, you are given an X. Four incorrect predictions, or four Xs, result in defeat. If you are wrong more than four times, the Kangaroo will die and the game will start from the beginning.