Huggy Love And Rescue

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About Huggy Love And Rescue

Help Huggy Wuggy save his beloved Kissy Missy in Huggy Love And Rescue by tackling the many riddles in each level. Kissy Missy can be saved or not depends on how many levels Huggy Wuggy passes.

The rule of Huggy Love And Rescue

You run and leap with Huggy using the arrow keys or the WASD and D keys. You must get him to Kissy Missy in each level before the threshold bar runs out of time, otherwise you lose.

Escape any dangers and traps and to get ahead of any individuals that could show up and swarm you when you are saving Kissy Missy. Choose the best path to avoid all the hazards and traps and to go ahead of other characters that could arrive and rush you in your pursuit of her. How much of the match can you get through? Express yourself so that Kissy Missy admires you more and more.

How to play?

Use the WASD keys or the ARROWS to play this game.