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Game full of soft and elastic JelloTetrix!

A soft and elastic Tetris game called JelloTetrix. The blocks feel like a Jello dessert. Line them up in a full row and make no gaps. Put your name on the list of the highest scorers in this game.

Facing our eyes is the image of Jello elastic but no less soft. If you like Jello food, this game will surely make you crave it. Your goal in this game is very simple. Just line up those Jello-like blocks in a row to make them disappear. To earn more points, line them up in several rows at once.

Try to remove them before the overflowing blocks touch the red alarm line. That line is the line between whether you continue this game or not. Crossing that line is also game over. Try to play as many points as possible and put your name on the list of people with the highest score. It sounds easy but keep in mind, the Jello effect will be able to make you more difficult than similar games but with more rigid blocks.

How to control

Use the left and right arrow keys to move the blocks you want to place.