Kick The Buddy

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Relieve stress with dummy in Kick The Buddy

Relieve stress by using weapons on the dummy in Kick The Buddy. Use weapons such as knives, guns, hammers,...kill the dummy. The more you click, the more money you get.

Have you ever felt stress because of work, study or bad luck that comes to you without any way to solve it and only know how to accept it. But when you think about it, you're very upset and need something to relieve your stress. This game is very suitable for you in such situations.

How to play the game Kick The Buddy

Simply use weapons within your ability, throwing, slashing, shooting,...at the dummy in front of you. Looking at the dummy, you think about the bad things you've been through, making you even more angry. Nothing relieves stress by clicking on this dummy. The weapons will automatically slash at the dummy and every time you click you will get 1 coin. Click a lot and fast to unlock other weapons or buy accessories for the dummy on the homepage. Every time you are stressed, or angry about something, play this game. It is extremely entertaining and stress reliever. Play it for a while, you will feel much better.