Kitten Hide And Seek

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About Kitten Hide And Seek

Kitten Hide And Seek is a delicate but equally alluring game When you play the role of a young princess hiding from the cat's lethal gaze. You're asked to help a cute cartoon girl hide from the house cat in a sizable kitchen in Kitten Hide And Seek. The house cat now sees you as a mouse since you are much shorter than you were when you woke up.

How to play Kitten Hide And Seek

It doesn't matter if someone grew or shrank; what matters is that you need food right away! So dry your eyes, picture the kitchen's layout, and go. You have to run to the opposite side of the kitchen counter to get to the supper plate. There will undoubtedly be some challenges. The domestic cat is pursuing you because it likes to play with its food. There is pretty strong evidence that you are the food, thus you need to learn how to blend in. It's possible to conceal yourself almost anywhere on the counter, but you must act quickly.


Use the right arrow or the mouse to play this game.