Kogama: World Racing

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About Kogama: World Racing

A furious racing game from the Kogama series is returning callled Kogama: World Racing. Select your car, take on other players in a challenging blocky 3D track.

If you have experimented with many types of racing games then you should give this one a try. With a boxy character image, your game will be more realistic. Fight fiercely and win many prizes for more money. You can also upgrade your character with accessories in the shop.

You can go as quickly as you like, but be careful of the steep twists and leaping platforms because if you land quickly, your vehicle may be damaged, forcing you to continue on foot. There are other side games available, such as a PvP combat where you may select various weapons to take out other players.

How to play Kogama: World Racing

  • Arrow keys or WASD to move
  • Jumping with Space bar
  • Click left to strike or fire
  • K for respawning
  • O to switch to full-screen