Lazy Jump

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Discover the game Lazy Jump

A 3D Lazy Jump game that will make you want to be lazy too. Because, the job that you need to do is click the lazy character to the last position. Overcome the barriers for the ragdoll character to open the next level.

Each level has its own challenges and requirements. That means you need to navigate very carefully to be able to help the character overcome the nearest obstacles such as tables, sofas, beds,... If you are stuck in those objects, click the mouse. a lot and in the direction of the arrow goes up to help the character jump.

Conditions to open new characters

There are nine characters you can choose to be the main character in the levels. The first character is a fixed character in the game and you can change it if you pass at least 3 levels. The remaining eight characters all require you to pass certain level milestones. And looking at the store, you can see, you have to pass 45 levels to get all 8 characters. The game doesn't stop at the 45th gold. So we hope you can play exploration a little longer.