Mars Colonizers

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Travel to another planet to live in Mars Colonizers. You have a noble mission to help the people of Earth move to another planet before they become extinct. Create a safe haven with comfortable living conditions for everyone.

The plot of Mars Colonizers

With global warming, constant natural disasters have had a significant impact on the ozone layer. The structure of the ozone layer is destroyed, which means that human life on Earth is at stake. You are one of those who have a noble mission to go to another planet and exploit that planet to become a second Earth for humans. Create a safe haven with comfortable living conditions so that Earthlings can live here. Upgrade the equipment and expand the land to accommodate 7 billion people.

Jobs in Mars Colonizers

Your shuttle lands on the new planet, and the mining journey begins. Collect useful materials to build different factories. Ask your friends to help you collect these resources to make mining work faster. Get these materials to expand and upgrade factories to make work more efficient. Gradually, you realize that traveling by vacuum is highly efficient, use the skateboard to increase your movement speed and carrying capacity. The biggest and only goal is to build a giant glass dome with artificial atmosphere that can hold more than 7 billion people.