Merge Alphabet 3D

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Fight letters in Merge Alphabet 3D. Build a small but mighty army of A army, win many battles with enemies that are other letters in the alphabet.

Let's fight the letters in Merge Alphabet 3D

The battle is not over with letters against each other if one of the two pieces has the first loser. To distinguish two armies from each other, piece A is yours. Pieces consisting of other letters belong to the opponent. The opponent's piece has soldiers equal to or bigger than you while you only have A and it has only one size. This shows that you need to build the right strategy so that your troops are not defeated first. The more troops, the longer you will sustain and survive in the battle between the digits.

Each level, the enemy will be more and more powerful. You need to arrange many of your pieces to fight them. The larger the army, the more advantage. Through each level, buying your troops will become more difficult due to the small bonus not enough money to buy new troops. Use and buy troops appropriately so that you do not have to lose. Become a powerful A-army that other target pieces will be afraid of.

Way to play

Your job is to be the strategist to level A pieces into the battle, so just add pieces before the game by clicking the mouse and start, the letters will automatically fight each other until one of the two pieces wins.