Monkey Mart

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What is Monkey Mart?

As the manager of the biggest supermarket in town, you will play Monkey Mart as a manager monkey. Grow your supermarket with a variety of daily activities here such as planting fruits, stall arrangement, and sale at the checkout. Employee additional employees, develop your character, and expand business items.

How to play Monkey Mart

This is a fascinating game with a lot of interesting details. The game has simple gameplay, however, I still want to introduce you to some suggestions to have a better experience in Monkey Mart. Let's see what they are!

Guide to sales in the game

Starting this game, you will receive a small sum of money, and use it to start operating your supermarket. Build a cashier counter, and put a small booth in the store first. After that, start growing crops right at your supermarket. Bananas are the monkey's favorite food, starting with this fruit, it will also become a "hot" item in your store.

Harvest and sell them to the monkey residents who come to your supermarket. Then you will earn more money and have more opportunities to develop other products for your Monkey Mart.

When your mart is popular

Your supermarket is selling more and more, attracting more customers, and your income also increases a lot. However, this also leads to more diverse customer needs for your supermarket. They want to buy a variety of other products, and you need to fulfill this need. You can sell extra corn, eggs, milk, etc.

In addition, you alone cannot complete all tasks at the supermarket. You can hire more staff to help you reduce the amount of work. Besides, hiring more employees also helps to increase productivity at your Monkey Mart significantly.

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