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Let's play fun entertainment game in Morphit

Shapeshifting in a 3D world with Morphit. Move forward with no end, changing the shape to fit the frame ahead. Making the right shape is added a point in your playing scoreboard.

The game moves forward with no end. You will play the role of a square block going forward. It has a super power that transforms into 3 different shapes: round, square, and rectangular. When you encounter a frame in front of you, you must quickly change to fit that frame to move to the next frame. Each time you pass a frame you are added one point in your total score. Score as high as you can in this game.

Starting the game will be slow tempo so you can get used to the surroundings. However, the later, the movement speed will be faster, which requires you to be very focused if you want to win a lot of points. Try to pass the results that the game asks for. Complete 10 additional objectives and reward you with achievement badges.

How to play Morphit

Control the transforming object with 3 buttons

  • R is for a rectangle
  • C is for a square
  • S is for a circle

Or you can use the mouse to press the letter keys on the screen.