Mr. Flap

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The game Mr. Flap introduction

Long distance game Mr. Flap inspired by the famous game Flappy Birds. Your task is to fly in a circle and try to avoid the obstacles. How far can you go, Mr. Flap? Because of the bird's erratic flight, help it to be careful to avoid hitting the pillars.

Playing Mr. Flap: Instructions

Simple square bird needs your help to fly in circles and avoid obstacles. It seems very simple, doesn't it? But that's not the case! As you move around, you will encounter gaps that are difficult to squeeze through. When your clicking finger gets tired, you may lose some lives as well as your high score.

In the next rounds, the game will become more and more difficult with the level of many non-fixed moving walls. You need to have agile steps to not collide with the walls. See how far you can go.