Office Fever

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Expand the paperwork office in Office Fever. You are a secretary and your job is to run the job, give the papers to the people who convert the papers into money to expand many other positions.

Things to do when starting out

For starters, you're alone with one person doing the paperwork. Get an instant amount of money that the game gives you, go to unlock the machine that generates papers. Move the character from the document generator to the desk of the paperwork staff. Only a maximum of 10 files are allowed, and the paperwork takes time to turn them into money. Use these small coins to unlock the next paper-making character or the paper-making machine. The capacity will double when expanding more workers and machines. You just need to move the documents for each table and wait for the money to be harvested.

Expand the company into a super corporation

The more you expand, the more money you get. Grow the company more by expanding other departments, other departments. Gradually, you will build a super corporation that grows from a tiny office. If you want to be the leader of this office, work hard and expand the area as much as you can. Will you build your corporate empire into a super big and majestic corporation. Prove your ability to be the boss in this game.