Om Nom Connect Classic

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Om Nom Connect Classic game overview

Gather friends and share delicious candies in Om Nom Connect Classic. Find two similar pictures until the screen no longer has any images, then you pass the challenge.

How to play specifically about Om Nom Connect Classic

The game starts with 72 images related to the world famous Om Nom game. The images are cluttered and your main job is to pick out two identical pictures within a maximum of 3 lines. Matching them together makes them disappear from the board. Play until there are no pictures left on the screen and you have won. Every game has its time. In a round, you only have a maximum of 5 minutes to complete your task, if after 5 minutes you are still not done, the game will return to the beginning. The faster you complete it, the more points you get.

You will see through each level of play there is a difference in chess moves. Game one is without moving to the chessboard ie the shapes disappear, the remaining shapes on the chessboard have no movement. But to the next game, the difficulty is higher when the chessboard has a shift after disappearing the selected shapes. Choose the right move because when there is no move, you have to use the shuffle feature to continue. The game gives you 5 reshufflings and 3 hints. Use them wisely and after every win you will receive a random gift such as shuffle, hints or points.