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Are you ready to participate in thrilling adventures in Pacman? Let's accompany pacman to collect dots and avoid ghosts in complicated mazes.

Pacman's Highlights

Pacman is famous for its classic background. Coming to this running game, you can enjoy a retro space with eye-catching colors. The contrast between the background and the characters always gives the players an impression. Besides, the gameplay of this game is very simple. You can grasp the rules right the first time. You also can see these features in Cuphead, one of the most popular games on our website.

Playing Guides

Missions To Collect Dots

You will start in a maze. There are many dots on the whole map. Your mission is to collect all dots to proceed to the next level. You can not level up with only one remaining dot. Therefore, make sure that all dots are looted.

However, you are being hunted by ghosts. If you get caught by them, this running game will be over. You can attack the ghosts to get them back to their base. After that, they can still wake up but after a while.

Controls Of Pacman

Use the arrow keys to control your character.