Papa's Pancakeria

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One of the more recent games in the Papa Louie series is called Papa's Pancakeria. Cause it's a more recent game, you can pick between Cooper or Prudence.

Introduction About Papa's Pancakeria

You and your cat are driving a car at the beginning of the Papas Pancakeria narrative. Hunger strikes when the cat sees one of the original Papas Pizzeria restaurants. In the middle of getting a pizza, your character notices that the cat is chasing a squirrel. Your character is upset and posts fliers for a missing cat, and guess who discovers it? Papa Louie the man! Papa Louie naturally wants you to operate his pancake ship while he is abroad in order to get your kitten back.

You are now prepared to begin your new position at Papas Pancakeria.

The First Things You Need To Do

You select one of the three open spaces once the game has begun before selecting your character. Start the game by entering the name you wish to appear on the leaderboard. There is a storyline for Papas Pancakeria, much as in the other free online Papa Louie arcade games.

How to control: To play this online game, use your mouse.