Papa's Pastaria

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It's time for Papa Pastaria to put your skills and understanding of Italian cuisine to the test. Cook and serve your customers to get income.

When you start playing Papa's Pastaria, you have three options for a save spot, much like in most other Papa Louie games. You can pick any save location when you begin a new game.

In addition, your character's creation is then asked. You may choose from Doan, Utah, or you can create a custom worker. Note that the character you choose has little bearing on how you play.

How do you play? To play, use the MOUSE.

The Story Behind Papa Pastaria

Once you've finished creating your character, a cutscene that describes the backstory will begin to play. Therefore, you can know the situation of the main character.

Welcome to the wedding of Edoardo and Olga in Portallini. There are no accommodations available, even if you've already committed to going to the wedding. How will you go forward? Fortunately, a room does appear after refining the search results, but there's a catch: You need a plane ticket and an employee handbook to start your new job at Papa Pastaria. So what will you do?

In this game, you are dumped in the middle of Italy by Papa Pastria in return for a flight to a wedding. Let's open your own restaurant and wait for Papa Louie's back.