Pet Island

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Good farm management in Pet Island

Become a farmer who manages the farm well in Pet Island. Gather the requirements of the buyer and expand your scale. Become the rich farmer in this game. With the 3D genre, you will be like a real farmer that you may have never tried before.

Specific about the game

At the beginning of the game, you are given a piece of land with a chicken farm. Raise chickens and feed them and harvest when they are big enough. Collect enough quantity required by the buyer. Once you have completed the number of chickens that you need to make, use that money to expand your scale with animals such as swans and bees. Don't stop scaling your as it's a game with no time limit. You can calm down and relax with this game.

Collect a lot of money to buy vehicles that help you complete missions faster. The more you scale up, the more money you earn. Take the right steps to help you quickly become the richest farmer. Come up with empty hands to become a farm billionaire. An entertaining game that makes you practice your management skills. What are you waiting for without playing right away.