President Simulator

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Your objective as the president in President Simulator is to revitalize your nation's economy. Keep your public happy, otherwise, they might take you down!

Become President Simulator

President Simulator, the clicker game allows you to take on the role of the president, and your goal is to revive the economy. Develop plans, invest in new things, improve yourself, and click to make money. Be careful. You need to keep your public pleased or they can bring you down!

How Can Play This Clicker Game

To collect coins, you need to level up your character and buy or sell money to make millions of dollars by simply clicking anywhere on the screen.

President Simulator Tips And Tricks

Pay attention to the wishes of your citizens and click on the money constantly to boost your wealth! In addition, you also should purchase stock on the stock exchange, and make friends with other presidents on social media to boost your popularity. Remember to combine two ways to play this arcade game effectively and gain many achievements.

What You Get After The Game

This entertaining game is designed for you to prepare to have fun and put your people and leadership abilities to the test. It's also your opportunity to please your voters with your excellent leadership of the nation by purchasing goods for your workplace to improve your mood and make a lot of money.