Shark: Feed And Grow

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The full of excitement and fierce Shark: Feed And Grow game!

Big fish eat small fish in Shark: Feed And Grow. However, a special point in this game your fish can human to become the big shark. You have to move your fish to swim around the water full of fish and people to devour them all. You will become the ruthless and ferocious shark in this game.

Starting the game, you are a newborn shark, very small in size. Eat fish that are smaller than you. And gradually as the size gets bigger and bigger, eat people to gain points for your size increase faster. You can skip the small fish that score less to aim for the prey with higher scores. Homosexuality is possible. Swim in the water and avoid sharks bigger than you, just a little mistake, you will be eaten and the game is over. But be careful, because when eating fellow humans will create a delicious scent of blood that attracts other opponents, if you are not careful, you can fall into a dilemma.

How to play

  • Use left mouse to navigate your shark around.
  • Press and Hold the left mouse button to speed up your shark.