Slope Cyber

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Experience with the ball in Slope Cyber!

Join the ball moving in the never-ending world of Slope Cyber. Navigate the ball to move on the platform, collect diamonds and obstacles.

This game belongs to the Slope genre, leading the ball forward through this world with no stops. With vivid 3D images, helping you feel like you are immersed in the vast and vast universe world. Immerse yourself like the ball itself, overcome obstacles, collect diamonds. Avoid the obstacles are the platforms with black and yellow stripes if you do not want to be broken into many pieces. The speed of the game will become faster and faster, requiring your concentration to be high, moving properly to avoid flying off the moving platform as well as accidentally bumping into obstacles.

Specific features of the game

There are 8 balls that need to be unlocked by you. And to unlock these balls, accumulate a lot of diamonds in each play. The balls are diverse with different shapes such as basketballs, disco lights, earth,... as long as the shapes are round. Increase the innovation in the game, collect more diamonds to exchange for balls.

In addition, you can also drop diamonds to upgrade abilities such as: protection ability, diamond suction ability, double diamond multiplier ability. These abilities appear in a game, collecting it helps you both increase diamond collection and prevent life danger.