Space Rush

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Rescue the astronauts in Space Rush

Rescue the colorful astronauts Among Us in Space Rush adventure. The number of enemies is quite large and they place obstacles to prevent you from saving your friends. Free your friends and earn lots of money in this game.

Specifically about the game Space Rush

At the beginning of the game, you will be alone through obstacles such as wooden crates bombs, planes, enemy tanks. Save your friend in the cage and gradually as the number of troops increases, more and more will be saved. You navigate you and your friends follow you and avoid obstacles as much as you can. Since the wall on the left will get closer to you, being blocked by the obstacle will help that wall swallow you.

This game is an endless run, when you are alone, try to go forward to rescue other friends. Earn a lot of money to open items that help you both decorate as well as help you run faster and rescue friends faster.


Simply use mouse clicks to help your character avoid obstacles.